Site Map

"Granting Unique and Innovative Learning Opportunities" 

The Fremont Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, public charity, formed to encourage increased community involvement and to enhance educational opportunities for all students attending Fremont District 79 schools.
Our members include: parents, educators, school administrators, business people, and others from our community. We are an independent foundation that works closely with, but is separate from, the Fremont School District and

What we provide:  The Fremont Education Foundation funds grant request that bring innovative learning opportunities and programs to Fremont Schools.

We rely on the following sources for funding:

  • Personal donations
  • Corporate donations
  • Foundation grants
  • Annual golf outing 
  • Other fundraising events

Our goals:

  • Stretch the boundaries of the traditional classroom to create diverse "teaching moments".
  • To foster a love of learning within each student.
  • Build enthusiasm and support within the community for Fremont School District 79.
  • Encourage all Fremont School District 79 community members to be global thinkers!