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Lincoln Early Learning Center

Fremont is encouraging parents to preregister for the tuition-based preschool program.

Please fill out Tuition-Based Preschool Interest form for 2017-2018 to show your interest in enrolling your child in this program for Fall 2017. The cost is $3,500 per year without transportation and $3,750 with transportation. Parents can find program information below.

Fremont School District's tuition-based program would run 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week and would follow the 2017-2018 Fremont school calendar. This program allows certified staff to prepare students for the Fremont kindergarten program. It also allows qualified staff to identify strengths and areas of need for children at the earliest age possible.

The Motor Room

Motor Room Inside the Lincoln Early Learning Center students move through a sequential order of activities that are highly motivating and meaningful to student development such as climbing bridges, crawling through tunnels and jumping on trampolines.

For the 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children in the early childhood program children receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy in the Motor Room while engaging in these purposeful and fun tasks.

“Children go through the obstacle course the therapists have set up for them while working on their language and articulation skills and strengthening their fine and gross motor abilities,” said Jeanine Bock, an early childhood teacher. “The children are on an adventure while the staff helps them work on all areas of development,” she said.

About Tuition-Based Preschool

Preschool for All

This program is for preschoolers between the ages of three and six. Students qualify for this program based on several criteria. The program is a half-day program, and students may remain in the program up until the beginning of their kindergarten year. Criteria for student’s entry into the program will be reviewed after the student attends Preschool Screening. Parents may sign up for Preschool Screening through the Special Education Department. This program is based on funding through a state grant.
Below are links to developmental checklist (milestones) from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Life Changer

Olsem Preschool teacher Patti Olsem was recently nominated for a national Life Changer of the Year Award. Her colleagues nominated her because of the leadership qualities she displays at Lincoln Early Learning Center. Please read more about Ms. Olsem on the Life Changer website.


Children at the Lincoln Early Learning Center were entertained with Mundelein Police Department’s Titan, a German Shepherd. Titan is charged with helping the department with arrests and solving village crimes. A trained dog such as this has a specialized set of skills including drug detection through scent and tracking abilities for offenders or missing people. Canine officer Steve Kroll is his handler and trains weekly with the animal. Students learned how the pair worked together as a team. Watch brief video here.


Preschoolers have been seeing first hand how workers in their community help them. Firefighters put out fires, electricians make repairs in bucket trucks high above their heads, and public works employees use large trucks with a scoop to get rid of snow on the streets.

On a particular day, a Mundelein Fire Department firefighter spoke with the children about leaving their home if they smell smoke and finding a safe place to wait. Officer XX explained that firefighters will return to the building to retrieve their toys, books, and cats and dogs.

Lincoln Early Learning Center invites police officers, garbage collectors, and construction workers to meet with the preschoolers.

“It is a way for children to build trust with members of our community and to understand what they do. It helps them understand how a police officer protects a child’s home and how a garbage truck drive keeps the community clean,” said Carol Bennett, principal of Lincoln.

Principal Appreciation

image Lincoln Principal Carol Bennett truly embodies the mission of Fremont School District 79. She cares deeply about our students, our staff, and the community we serve as we prepare today's child for tomorrow's world. In this increasingly complex role, our instructional leadership team collaborates, communicates, and create an inviting and engaging learning organization where our staff and students achieve tremendous success. It is through our building leaders that we continue to move forward.
Dr. Jill Gildea
Fremont Superintendent

Preschool Events