Student Services Department

  • Welcome to the Fremont School District 79 Student Services Department. This department works collaboratively with other administrators, staff, and parents to fulfill the mission of Fremont School District 79 – “to provide a quality education that prepares today’s child for tomorrow’s world”.

    The student services department, along with building administrators and staff, is responsible for identifying students, ages 3 through 14, who are at risk for learning difficulties and students who have a disability that negatively impacts their learning or school functioning. Through problem-solving teams, staff evaluates, coordinates and designs academic and social, emotional and behavioral services and interventions for students with identified educational needs through a multi-tiered system of support, also called Response to Intervention (RtI) and through special education for those who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). These services and interventions may be provided within a general education classroom, a small group setting, individually, or through consultation from a student services professional.

    The students services department of professionals advocates for all children, supporting their learning and school functional needs in the educational environment where they can be most successful. Educational programs are developed to offer instruction, supports, modifications, and accommodations to meet the individual needs of students. Educational plans are built upon data-driven decision-making, the general education curriculum and input from teachers, specialists, and parents. The department utilizes a variety of methods and materials to address the needs of the whole child, including technology devices, apps and programs, evidence-based learning programs, sensory breaks and fidgets, and social-emotional learning to name a few.

    The links on this website may be helpful in obtaining additional information regarding student services and other resources. For further information or questions concerning student services, special education, or RtI, please call the student services department at 847-388-3700 ext 3141. Thank you.

    Dr. Jane Pedersen
    Director of Student Services


  • Dr. Jane Pedersen

  • Director of Student Services
    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services 
    28754 N. Fremont Center Rd.
    Mundelein, IL 60060