Frequently Asked Questions regarding Technology


    • What is the purpose of TeacherEase?
      • TeacherEase is the teacher's electronic grade book that gives students and parents immediate access to their progress.  You can also communicate toteachers and access misc. school data as needed. 
    • How do I login into TeacherEase?
      • Go to
      • Use the email address that you gave the school upon registration.
    • How does my student login into TeacherEase?
      • Your student can use their school email address with their password to check grades, self-monitor progress in each class and communicate with teachers.


    • What is the purpose of myhomework app?
      • Moving with the 21st century, this app allows teachers and students to keep track of homework assignments and daily events.  It also allows your student to view what the teacher's requirements for homework are.  
    • How do I login to see my child's homework?
      • Go to
      • Use your child's school email address and password to see their assignments.   
    • If it states Late on the app, is it LATE?
      • Check TeacherEase first.  Myhomeworkapp is a strategy for students to begin to keep track of their assignments and due dates.  It could mean a few things:  1. they did not do it,  2.  it could mean your child did not click on the assignment once it was complete
    • Who writes in the information into the calendar?
      • Teachers are expected to put in DUE dates of assignments.
      • Students are also strongly encouraged to break up assignments based on their personal schedules.  In addition, they can add their own events such as dance, sports, events, etc.


    • Can we install a printer to our child's device?
      • No.  The workaround would be to log onto a home computer into their account.  
    • What happens when our child leaves the device at home?
      • Students can check out a loaner Chromebook from the D.E.N. for the day.
    • Where does the device go when our student is lunch or P.E.?
      • Students must put their devices in the school-issued bag and lock it in the locker.
    • Can our child put a case on the device?
      • Yes.  But must be click on cases - NO stickers.
    • Does my child have to use the school-issued bag?
      • Yes.  They must use the school-issued bag.
    • What would the charge be for a missing technology item?
      • Dell Chromebook charger 7310 model - $30.00
      • Dell Chromebook charger 3380 model - $48.00
      • Replacement bag - $25.00