State Mandated Fitness Testing

  • As part of the Illinois state mandated fitness tests we will be using the below tests at Fremont Intermediate School for all students.  

    1. P.A.C.E.R. TEST 
      1. Cardiorepiratory Endurance is measured here
    2. Push-up Test
      1. Muscular Strength is measured here
    3. Curl-up Test
      1. Muscular endurance is measured here
    4. Sit and Reach Test
      1. Flexibility is measured here



    What Is Fremont Intemediate Doing?

    Students will be taking Pre-Tests to get a baseline data point and then a Post-Test. Students will be practicing and working on fitness skills and personal improvement throughout the school year in PE and Healthy Minds Class.

    This includes: 

    • Fitness days (Workout Wednesdays)
    • Fitness Games
    • Practice Tests
    • Daily Warm-up Activities
    • Knowledge of body muscles and uses
    • And many more.