Speech & Language

  • Speech and language therapists serve students whose speech and/or language processes are not in the range of typical development, and/or may interfere with educational and social development.

    Students with language, articulation, voice and fluency deviations may be eligible for services.

    Speech and language services are available which address the communication, articulation, language, voice, and fluency of students when there is an adverse affect on educational performance. Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s speech and language development may contact their classroom teacher or the school speech and language pathologist. The pathologist will observe and, if appropriate, screen or administer additional assessments. If a need is present, speech and/or language therapy will be offered to the student.

    Parents of preschool children, ages 3-5, who have speech concerns should contact the special services office at 847-566-0169 ext. 4001. If an assessment or services are indicated services will be provided either.

Home Activities

  • Meal Times
    Put picture cards on the fridge, pantry door, or on the box of your child's favorite snacks. Have him/her say the word 5 times.

    In the Bathroom
    Put picture cards on the bathroom mirror. Have him/her say the words 5 times every time s/he washes hands and brushes teeth.

    In the Bedroom
    Put picture cards on the closet door or dresser drawers. Have him/her say the word 5 times as s/he is getting dressed.

    During Playtime
    Use the picture cards to play games. "Hide and Seek," "I Spy" and "Simon Says" are favorites.

    In the Car
    Put picture cards on the back of the seat in front of your child. At each red light see how many times s/he can say the sound correctly. • Listen to favorite songs and sing the correct speech sound.

    At Bedtime
    Listen for your child's speech sounds in his/her bedtime story. Have your child say the words.

    At the Store/While Running Errands
    Talk with your child in the store. See if s/he can identify items with

Books for Coping