Department of Learning

  • Welcome to the Fremont School District 79 Department of Learning. This department coordinates a number of district-wide programs, including curriculum, instruction and assessment, professional development, instructional technology, and new teacher mentoring program. Our goal is to best promote the ongoing growth and achievement of all of our students. 

    Our instruction in the classroom is grounded in personalized learning strategies, through a focus on the 4 Ps (Profiles, Pathways, Proficiencies, and Partnerships). Profiles focus on understanding each learner’s needs, strengths, interests, and approaches to learning. Pathways enable learners to take ownership of their learning so that it can dynamically adjust to their skills, curiosities, and goals. Proficiencies hones in on learners progressing at a pace most appropriate to them. Partnerships aim to transcend the classroom by connecting students, teachers, families, and the community. 

    Through our focus on a guaranteed and viable curriculum we have established over 100 curriculum maps for our respective content areas and grade levels. Thanks to the dedicated and ongoing work of teacher leaders throughout the district, these maps identify essential learning outcomes for our students and the path we will take to promote these outcomes. 

    Our standards based grading practices throughout FSD79 coordinate with these curriculum maps to facilitate teacher alignment to standards and the levels of progression through the standards. The goal of these grading practices is to best promote students’ and parents’ understanding of the specific learning that is taking place in the classroom and effectively communicate each child’s performance and progression through the standards. Our FSD79 Standards Based Grading Guidebook has much more on this topic.

    To find out more information about many of the areas within our Learning department, please click on the links to the left or contact the Learning office staff.


    Dr. Brian Bullis
    Assistant Superintendent of Learning


  • Dr. Brian Bullis

  • Dr. Brian Bullis
    Assistant Superintendent of Learning

    Sara Brickman
    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Learning

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