Board of Education Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Fremont School District 79 Board of Education is responsible for:

    • Defining the school district philosophy for its comprehensive education program;
    • Establishing goals and objectives to achieve that philosophy;
    • Adopting policies for the daily operation of the district;
    • Evaluating the progress and effectiveness of district programs and policies;
    • Developing and presenting a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources; and
    • Appointing a superintendent of schools to manage the budget, supervise the staff and students, and make recommendations on operation of the school system.

Fremont School District 79 Board of Education Meetings

  • Fremont School District 79 Board of Education meetings are typically held the fourth Monday of each month. However, there are exceptions to these meeting times. The meeting calendar is available on the district website

    Board of Education meetings generally averages one to two hours in length depending upon the issues being discussed and citizen comments that are shared.

Fremont School District 79 Board of Education Public Participation

  • The Fremont School District 79 Board of Education welcomes public comment. Any citizen wishing to address the board may speak at a FSD79 Board of Education meeting as part of "Public Comments." To contact the Board by email, please email

    Community members and district employees are invited to share their questions, comments or concerns with the school board. When speaking, citizens will be asked to state their name and address for the record and limit their presentation to five minutes. All comments are a matter of public record and as such will be documented and recorded. Where possible, the board will answer factual questions immediately. A written response may be provided when information is not available. If a response would involve discussion of board policy or decisions which might be of interest to citizens not present at the meeting, the board may place the item on a future meeting agenda.

    Additionally, board policy 2:230 permits the board president to shorten a person’s opportunity to speak. “The president may also deny the opportunity to speak to a person who has previously addressed the board on the same subject within the last two months.” (2:230) Larger groups sharing a concern as a group are asked to please choose a spokesperson in the interest of time.

    Many concerns are most efficiently handled through the Fremont School District 79 Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Please call 847-566-0169 ext. 4104 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to contact the office.