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Board of Education

Engagement Efforts

• The Fremont School District 79 Board of Education offers a live stream of its regular monthly meetings. The live video stream can be accessed via the District's YouTube page. The stream will go live just prior to the meeting.
• Recaps of the Board's regular monthly meetings can be found here
• Board meeting materials are available by noon on the day of the regular monthly meeting and can be found here.

Awards & Recognitions

• FSD79’s School Board was one of just 33 in the entire state to earn recognition for being engaged in activities that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education.
• FSD79 is one of only 15 districts in the state to be recognized for excellence in budget presentation by earning the Meritorious Budget Award. The District has earned the honor for 14 consecutive years.
The District has earned the highest financial distinction from the State of Illinois with the Financial Recognition Award, which the District has received every year since the state started the program in 2003.
• Fremont School District is one of the 10% of school districts in the nation rated Aa1 or higher from Moody’s Investment Service. These ratings allow the District to receive better interest rates on bonds, saving taxpayers when borrowing may be needed.

Contact Us

The Fremont School District 79 Board of Education can be reached through the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and the Board of Education at 847-566-0169, or via email at

Individuals may submit communications for the Board of Education’s consideration to the Superintendent of Schools or may use the Board’s email address posted on the District’s website above. Emails received via the Board email address are either reviewed by the Board of Education or referred to the appropriate level of authority, as dictated by the nature of the subject matter.

Board members do not take individual action that might compromise the Board or District. In accordance with Board of Education policy, the Open Meetings Act, and the Oath of Office taken by Board members, individual Board members do not (a) reply to an email on behalf of the entire Board, or (b) engage in the discussion of District business through electronic communications with a majority of a Board-quorum.