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2024-2025 Bus Routing Plan
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Bus Routing Plan Presentation (April 8, 2024)

Bus Routing Plan Webinar

Fremont School District 79 buses travel about 750,000 miles a year transporting children safely and efficiently to and from school. The district’s 42 bus drivers, who each average over 10 years bus driving experience, make it a practice to drop off and pick up students at the same time daily.

Unfortunately, delays happen due to such reasons as mechanical problems, railroad crossing issues, and staff shortages. When a driver is expected to be more than 10 minutes late, FSD79 administration will notify parents of children on a given route of the delay through text and email. If parents have any busing concerns, please contact the transportation department at 847-566-0305 or their child’s principal. 

Although seat belts are not a law in Illinois, FSD79 has equipped their buses with seat belts for over 25 years, and in 2014 Fremont was the first school district in Illinois to begin equipping large school buses with 3-point lap and shoulder belts as older buses were replaced.

FSD79 drivers do not look at their responsibility as simply providing a safe ride to and from school. Driver training also concentrates on engaging the children during school loading and unloading times, learning their names, and ensuring their safety. The school buses are part of the Fremont PAWS initiative - using simple reminders to help learn better bus riding habits and behaviors toward others. The Wildcat Bus Safety Patrol program also trains middle school students to ride the buses traveled by younger students. The older students become the eyes of the bus driver to keep disruption to a minimum and to model positive behavior.


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Vicki Burback
Director of Transportation  

Leslie Lauritzen
Director of Transportation (incoming Sept. 2024)

Cheryl Burns
Assistant Director of Transportation

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