Board of Education

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  • The Fremont School District 79 Board of Education can be reached through the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at 847-566-0169, or via email at

    Individuals may submit communications for the Board of Education’s consideration to the Superintendent of Schools or may use the Board’s email address posted on the District’s website above. Emails received via the Board email address are either reviewed by the Board of Education or referred to the appropriate level of authority, as dictated by the nature of the subject matter.

    Board members do not take individual action that might compromise the Board or District. In accordance with Board of Education policy, the Open Meetings Act, and the Oath of Office taken by Board members, individual Board members do not (a) reply to an email on behalf of the entire Board, or (b) engage in the discussion of District business through electronic communications with a majority of a Board-quorum.