Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. My children presently go to a day care center or babysitter. Can they ride the bus to the day care center/babysitter?
    A. If the day care center or babysitter is within Fremont School District 79’s boundaries, children may ride the bus to that location if parents fill out a special busing request form available on this page.

    Q. What if the day care center is not within Fremont’s boundaries?
    A. We do not bus students outside the district’s boundaries. Many day care centers provide bus transportation to and from the day care centers.

    Q. What if the day care center or babysitter isn’t on the same bus route as my home?
    A. Your child may ride to school from home and from school to a day care center or babysitter (or vice versa), even if they are different buses. Parents must fill out a special busing request form available on this page.

    Q. What if I only want my child to go there on certain days of the week?
    A. As long as your child has a set schedule, and a special busing request form is filled out and submitted to our department, your child may ride the bus to the day care center/babysitter on set days of the week. However, your child may only ride one bus home from school. For example, let’s say your babysitter lives in Tullamore while you live in Cambridge Country North. Your child may ride to the babysitter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but because Cambridge Country North is not the same route as Tullamore, you would have to pick your child up at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your babysitter lived on the same route as your home, he or she could ride the same bus and get off on different stops on different days. You may find it more convenient (and less confusing to the child) to let the child ride to the babysitter every day and have him or her picked up there.

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FAQ Continued

  • Q.  What do you mean by “set schedule?”
    A. Children must have a permanent weekly schedule. For example, he or she may ride the bus on Tuesdays and Fridays every week. In special circumstances where parents have biweekly schedules, exceptions may be made.

    Q.  Can I have a friend ride my child’s bus to my home for a play date?
    A.  If the other child normally rides the same bus as your child, he or she may ride to your home. The other child must bring a parent note to the teacher stating that he or she will do so. If the other child does not normally ride your child’s bus home, he or she may not ride your child’s bus. We do allow children to get on the bus to go to school at any bus stop, regardless of which bus they are assigned to.

    Q.  What if I want to pick up my student on a day he or she normally rides the bus?
    A.  Send a note to the teacher with your child stating that you will be picking him or her up after school. In the case of an emergency, call the school office so the staff can let the teacher know not to put your child on the bus.

    Q.  Why do some buses have animal names?
    A.  Kindergarten buses that run during mid-day have animal names. Regular AM & PM routes have letter names (A, B, C, etc.)

    Q.  What happens with kindergartners when Fremont has a half day?
    A.  Morning kindergarten students ride home on the elementary buses with the other elementary students. The bus stops will be the same as when they ride to school. Afternoon kindergarten students do not have school on half days. They do have school on early dismissal days, however.

    Q.  My middle school child occasionally stays after school. Are there late buses?
    A.  Middle school students who participate in clubs or are authorized to stay after to study may ride the elementary bus home. We provide shuttle buses from the middle school to the elementary school every day just before the elementary school dismissal time (3:35 .am. on normal dismissal days). Students should be aware that they are guests on the elementary buses and should behave accordingly. Bus stops may not be the same as the middle school route, so in rare cases your child may have to walk farther to your home. Because of space considerations, students in band, athletics, or plays are not allowed to ride the elementary buses home. At this time, there are no other late buses (i.e. activity buses).