Welcome to 2nd Grade

  • Absence:

    If your child is being picked up from school in the middle of the day or after school the office needs a note or a phone call. If you send me an email, please send a copy to our building secretary, Kathy Calhoun at kcalhoun@fsd79.org.

    Nutrition Break:

    We are working hard in second grade, so we allow the children to take a nutrition break. This snack is intended to take the edge off the students' hunger. The snack must have nutritional value, therefore excluding items such as candy, chips, or cookies. These types of foods are not in keeping with the goal of a nutrition break, and will be not be allowed. This nutrition break will ensure we have the "brain power" to do our best in second grade!

    Water Bottles:

    Students may keep a water bottle in the classroom. Water bottles must be filled with water only and should be a water bottle with a pull top or a straw. I will try my best to make sure water bottles come home each Friday for cleaning. Having water bottles at their seats eliminates students from getting up or asking to get a drink of water during instruction time. Students will also know that they will not be able to use the restroom during instruction time unless it is an emergency.

    "Fair is providing my students with what they need to succeed"