Welcome to Science!

  • This year we will be studying Ecology, Environmental Science, Physics, and Chemistry. These topics can quite complex and it will be challenging. Keep in mind that I am here to help you learn about it. Think about the ways that you learn best. Continue to work on your study skills. Use these strengths to your advantage, and if you need help – ask! I am committed to assisting all students and supporting those who need additional assistance, accommodations, or modifications. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (847) 566-9384 x1139 or jnovello@fsd79.org.  

    Please refer to the syllabus outline link for objectives and general sequence of events throughout the year.  

    While this website has great potential to enhance learning while facilitating communication between the student, his or her parents, and the teacher, please keep in mind that it might not be 100% accurate all of the time. It is the student’s responsibility to know what is going on in class and what work is expected.