About FSD79

  • FSD79 Students

    • FSD79 educates about 2,100 students in preschool through eighth grade.
    • FSD79 serves students from a 34 square mile area from the communities of Mundelein, Wauconda, Hawthorn Woods, Grayslake, Round Lake, Long Grove, and Libertyville.
    • Students who attend FSD79 matriculate to Mundelein High School, Stevenson High School, and Grayslake Central High School.

    Our Teachers and Staff

    • There are 168 full and part-time teachers.
    • Of that number, 73 percent of teachers hold a master's degree or higher.
    • Teachers have an average experience of 13 years teaching.
    • Fremont has 278 employees who help educate its students.

    The History of Fremont School District 79

    Fremont School District 79 settled into its present site on Fremont Center Road in 1957 with the completion of what was then called Fremont School. Before the first school was built, the 150 students of Fremont Township were scattered around the township attending school in five homes. The district covered about six square miles at the time, taking in nearly all of Fremont Township. There were nine students in the first eighth grade graduating class.

    As early as 1847 there was a functioning board of trustees in the township. The nine district schools were under the direction of this board to which all financial matters were presented for approval. Each one-room district had a three-man board of directors. These men hired, fired, and arranged board and room for teachers, dismissed unruly pupils, and selected textbooks.

    Fremont School District 79 is a four-school campus that sits on about 100 acres.

    Fremont Middle School, 28871 N. Fremont Center Road, was opened in 1957 with 12 classrooms totaling 18,200 square feet. Following a remodeling project in 2007, the building now has 41 classrooms, two gymnasiums, a media center, science labs, and a cafeteria in the 99,600 square foot building.

    Fremont Elementary School, 28908 N. Fremont Center Road, was opened in 1998. There are 42 classrooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria, and media center in the 96,011 square foot building.

    Fremont Intermediate School, 28754 N. Fremont Center Road, was opened in 2007. There are 51 classrooms, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and a media center in the 118,458 square foot building. 

    The Fremont School District 79 transportation building, 28750 N. Fremont Center Road, was opened in 2007. The building contains offices, meeting lounge, and three bays where mechanics can perform bus repairs.

    The Fremont School District 79 district office, 28855 N. Fremont Center Road, was opened in 1996. The 4,236 square foot building contains six offices and two small meeting rooms.

    Lincoln Early Learning Center, 200 W. Maple Avenue, Mundelein, was leased by Fremont School District 79 in 2015. It houses the district's youngest learners aged 3 to 5 years old in one wing of the building. 

  • First Superintendent, Donald R. Badders
    First superintendent of schools, Donald R. Badders

  • FSD79 First School House
    FSD79 first school house

  • FSD79 First Graduating Class
    FSD79 first graduating class

  • Students Visited Cows During Lunch
    Students visited cows during recess

  • Future Site of Fremont Elementary School
    Future site of Fremont Elementary School