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Character Matters

  • image Paraprofessional Jill Merriman was honored with the Lake County Character Matters Award.

    This is the 12th annual Excellence in Character Award. The program is sponsored by Character Matters in Lake County, and the Lake County Regional Office of Education and the Youth Empowerment for Success Coalition. Mrs. Merriman was the only inidividual nominated by Fremont's Lincoln School.

    “We selected Jill for this honor because she is kind, compassionate, and her love for children comes out in all she does,” said Carol image Bennett, principal of the Lincoln Early Learning Center.

    Principal Bennett added, “In the 10 years she has worked for Fremont, Jill has been a quiet shining star who always listens, helps, and gently guides students to solve problems. Jill truly shows why character is so important in our lives and how being a kind, trustworthy, and compassionate person makes a difference in the lives of children.”
    Miss Bennett continued that “Mrs. Merriman is willing to go the extra mile to help students be successful whether it's playing with them on the playground, assisting them with personal hygiene, or engaging them in the classroom. Her daily tone, attitude, and most of all listening ear for the children helps the children to trust her and view her as a confidant. Students share things with Jill because they trust her and adore her. Her tone is always kind even when having to correct them.”

    Mrs. Merriman’s role in the preschool classroom is to assist the teacher, She helps students throughout their day. “She makes my day run smoothly by lining up children to board the busses, helping children manage their belongings, help with snacks and assist me wherever needed. She never complains and is always the first to help someone else out,” said Patricia Olsen, the teacher that Mrs. Merriman assists.

The Motor Room

  • Motor Room Inside the Lincoln Early Learning Center students move through a sequential order of activities that are highly motivating and meaningful to student development such as climbing bridges, crawling through tunnels and jumping on trampolines.

    For the 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children in the early childhood program children receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy in the Motor Room while engaging in these purposeful and fun tasks.

    “Children go through the obstacle course the therapists have set up for them while working on their language and articulation skills and strengthening their fine and gross motor abilities,” said Jeanine Bock, an early childhood teacher. “The children are on an adventure while the staff helps them work on all areas of development,” she said.

Preschool for All

  • This program is for preschoolers between the ages of three and six. Students qualify for this program based on several criteria. The program is a half-day program, and students may remain in the program up until the beginning of their kindergarten year. Criteria for student’s entry into the program will be reviewed after the student attends Preschool Screening. Parents may sign up for Preschool Screening through contacting Lincoln Early Learning Center.  This program is based on funding through a state grant.
    Below are links to developmental checklist (milestones) from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: