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School Closings

Communicating with Families
In general, if schools will be closed due to inclement weather, the District will notify families and staff by 5:30 a.m. the day of the closing. FSD79 emergency and school closing announcements will be made through the following methods:

  • Email
  • Automated Telephone Call
  • Text Message
  • Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • FSD79 Website

How School Closing Is Determined
Inclement Weather: The Fremont School District 79 superintendent takes many factors into consideration before deciding to close schools or release students early. The FSD79 superintendent consults with neighboring superintendents, discusses the matter with the Transportation Department, and may talk to local communities about the roads and traffic patterns before coming to a decision. Fremont School District 79 will make every attempt to avoid early dismissal of students due to the age of its students and the difficulty in ensuring that a parent or caregiver will be home if a school is dismissed earlier than usual.

Unforeseen Conditions: The superintendent or his/her designee may opt to close schools due to unforeseen conditions like a major system failure related to plumbing or electricity.

eLearning Plan
In lieu of emergency days at the end of the school year, FSD79 intends to utilize eLearning in the event of schools being closed due to inclement weather. Please see this page in order to review our eLearning day procedures.