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Game Designer

ysabella Ten-year-olds typically play games for fun, but Ysabella Pacis creates games during her free time for fun.

The Fremont Intermediate School fourth-grader has little free time since she plays the flute and piano, writes music, and challenges her mind with advanced math facts. Since teacher Donele Sizemore introduced her to Tynker Coding for Kids whatever time is remaining she spends developing code for games.

“I created a pet puppy game that my Corgi, Stan, inspired,” Ysabella said. “If you drag a water bowl to a puppy, he’ll drink it. You can press a button to make him fetch a tennis ball,” she said.

It isn’t the javascript elements of the game that draws Ysabella into coding, it is the block coding, and creative loops that allow her characters to perform certain commands. Ysabella is so drawn to programming that she has completed 80 projects on Tynker. Tynker recently featured her on a website blog.

“I’ve always been a really creative person. I’ve always wished I could make a person or story come to life and programming has made that come true,” Ysabella said.

Ysabella enthusiastically shares her love for creative and expressive design along with her passion for learning in everything she attempts,” teacher Mrs. Sizemore said.