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Protecting the Environment

environment Fifth graders learned about the protected environment surrounding their campus while scientist Stephanie Rose touched on the water cycle’s effects on wetlands, rivers, and parks. The wetlands surrounding FSD79 help with flooding and preserve native plants, she said.

The United States EPA hydrologist discussed with Fremont Intermediate School students the importance of protecting the environment from toxic waste. An example many students knew well was Independence Grove in Libertyville, where families go bicycling, boating, and hiking. Before it was converted into a popular forest preserve destination, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency ordered the site closed because the company at the time was illegally dumping barrels of waste into the ground.

“Connecting students to the community and professionals in the fields of science increases the interest of the learners. When students are interested, their desire to learn increases, driving them to research topics on their own,” said teacher Scott Clemons.

"After hearing that there is not enough time or money to fix all the environmental problems going on, it makes me want to go outside and enjoy what we have and try to help and care for the world when I am out there,” said fifth-grader Dylan Patel.