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Fire Safety

Throughout the school year, Countryside Fire Protection District officials speak to students of all grade levels about fire safety, identifying hazards, creating a fire escape plan, and changing smoke alarms.

Most recently officials brought in a smoke trailer to teach students about effective escape routes in the event of smoke or fire in their homes. The smoke trailer is set up with a simulated fireplace, kitchen, and bedroom which helps students visualize the importance of fire safety.

“We encourage students to use their senses – eyes to get out of a building, touch to check for a hot door handle, smell for smoke,” explained Tony Rodkey, fire department public education coordinator.

It’s important to bring awareness to students to help mitigate problems should a fire erupt in a home or apartment, said Fire Marshal Ron Cielek. “Our school education helps reduce risks. It prompts students to think, ‘what would I do if I were in that situation?’” he said.