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Designing Pumpkins to Ward Off Carvers

Oct. 19, 2018

Wilbur the pig from Charlotte's Web

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MUNDELEIN, IL -- It's the time of the year when a large number of individuals take knives to innocent pumpkins. However, the students in Melissa Ostrowski's third-grade class at Fremont Intermediate School had other ideas.

"This is our pumpkin literacy project, so they get to choose their favorite storybook character," Mrs. Ostrowski said. "It could be a picture book, a novel or a chapter book. They're disguising it from the carvers and then they'll do a writing activity where they'll write a story using the character they chose and then tell the story of how they got disguised."

The result was a wide array of amazingly designed characters including Pete the Cat, Harry Potter, Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, Captain Underpants, Captain Hook and many others. 

Meanwhile, the pumpkins breathe a sigh of relief as they live on.