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Fourth-Graders Celebrate Their Heritage With World Culture Day

Dec. 4, 2018

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- Our past shapes us.

As part of a unit on immigration and researching primary and secondary sources, FSD79 fourth-grade students researched information about their ancestors.

First, they researched a recipe from their country of origin and wrote a how-to paper for the recipe. Next, they film themselves making the recipe at home.  They then researched what life was like in their country back in the early 1900's and what their journey to America would have been like. The students then took that information and create an video explaining their "experience" coming to America back then.

Finally, the unit culminated by inviting parents and families in to experience their World Culture Day.  The students set up in countries around the room, highlighting a poster from their country that they created while displaying the video of their experience coming over. They also made available samples of the recipe that they made. Some students even dressed up in traditional clothing from their country.