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The Case of the Missing Poets



Five of the world’s most prominent American poets have been torn from their poems, never to be heard from again, until the students from Fremont Middle School solve the case.

Seventh graders participated in a poetry escape room to kick off their poetry unit.  Students were given clues, hints, and strategies to piece together riddles to help reunite the poets to their poems.  In order to escape, students needed to use their knowledge about poetry and match the poem to the poet. Mrs. Salerno prepared an escape room in the media center to get students excited about the upcoming poetry unit. Escape rooms seem to be all the rage, and teachers brought it to the middle school to increase student engagement. Not only did the students have fun, but they were covering state standards.

There were many clues to lead the students to the poets. One clue that was used was symbolism. Students had to identify the symbol that was used for the moon in a poem, which lead students to a clock.  At the clock, students found the next clue which was a metaphor. Students had to put the metaphor in sequential order, and on the paper was the next clue, which lead the students to a box where they had to figure out the number code.  When they finally unlocked the clue in the box students found five poet biographies. With this information, students needed to match all the poems collected and match the poet to the poem. One of the five missing poets was Edgar Allen Poe and his poem “The Bells”.