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Healthy Lunches

Healthy Lunches

Fremont School District 79’s lunch program far exceeds the national school standards in quality and taste, according to a recent report to the Board of Education. The Board showed its support for the quality program by extending the contract for Quest Food Management Services, Inc.

Quest provides students with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain buns, preservative free meats, and baked products. The result is more than 104,000 meals served a year in the district’s three cafeterias. Quest surveys of students have found they enjoy kiwi, edamame, zucchini, broccoli, and cantaloupe to name a few seasonal fruits and vegetables served daily. To maintain these healthy standards, the Board of Education approved a meal increase for next year to $3.25, the first increase in five years.

Quest management understands well, however, that students enjoy variety. They regularly offer pasta bars, ice cream stations, and a wing toss with students’ favorite sauces.

As a baseline, Fremont School District 79 complies with all nutritional requirements associated with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), said Mike Tanner, associate superintendent of finance and operations. The district works collaboratively with Quest within FSD79’s Health and Wellness Committee to increase the quantity of locally sourced foods and the percentage of meal offerings prepared in-house as well as to reduce salt, trans fats, and harmful food additives.  

“This continual process of improvement ensures economically, healthy, and delicious meal offerings for Fremont students and staff,” Mr. Tanner said.