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FSD79 and Lake County Sheriff's Office Team Up on New School Safety System

March 14, 2019

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- Fremont School District 79 and Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg are pleased to announce groundbreaking advancements to school safety in Lake County, in a new pilot program.

FSD79 is teaming up with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office as the first test-school district in this pilot program. The school-safety program will focus on information sharing between Lake County schools and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Data such as emergency contact information of administrators, number of students housed at the school, number of students with special needs – including the number of students who would need extra resources to evacuate, evacuation locations, re-unification locations, and more.

In addition, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with Lake County Geographic Information System (GIS) for additional support. Through the partnerships, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office will maintain an internal website, which can be accessed immediately during a critical incident. The website will contain links for live-video feeds of cameras within the school (for schools with installed cameras), will provide aerial views of the school and surrounding area, floor plans of each school building, and photos of all school entrances and egresses. This comprehensive website will provide second-by-second updates to first-responders in a critical incident.

The pilot program is intended to identify any potential system-glitches.  Once those are identified and rectified, this program will be opened to all schools throughout Lake County, beginning with the schools in the jurisdiction of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

"Time is of the essence in any type of emergency situation,” FSD79 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bill Robertson said. “We are grateful to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for the opportunity to serve as a pilot District to ensure that we are all prepared as much as possible should an emergency arise. We’d also like to thank the LCSO for its ongoing collaboration and presence around our schools as we continue to place a priority on safety."

Sheriff John Idleburg added, "In a critical incident seconds matter – they can make the difference between life and death. A major priority I’ve set is to drastically enhance our school safety efforts throughout Lake County. I believe this is an area of crucial importance and we need to increase our focus on the safety of our children in the school setting, as mass tragedies continue to occur at our schools around the country. This innovative school safety enhancement will give us an immediate internal view, should a critical incident occur at one of our schools."