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Notice of Pearson Data Breach

Notice of Data Breach:
Fremont School District 79 received notification of a student data breach that happened to Pearson, a former District vendor for the AIMSweb 1.0 assessment platform, in November 2018.

What Happened:
Pearson, a software vendor, announced a student data breach of information provided by users of AIMSweb 1.0, which included FSD79. In November 2018, Pearson’s AIMSweb 1.0 platform was breached, resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of student information. The data breach impacted more than 13,000 schools and universities.

What Student Data Was Involved:
Pearson has informed FSD79 that, with respect to our students, the breach was limited to certain students’ first names, last names, and in some instances, dates of birth (1997 through 2009). Pearson does not have any evidence that this information has been misused after working with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. No student grade or assessment information was affected by this incident, and the AIMSweb 1.0 platform does not contain any Social Security numbers, credit card data, or other financial information.

What Can You Do?:
Pearson is offering a complimentary year of credit monitoring services from Experian. You may enroll directly through Experian until January 31, 2020, by using the following websites and activation codes:

Fremont School District 79 takes the security of all student data very seriously and only provides the most limited data to vendors. Pearson discontinued the use of the AIMSweb 1.0 platform and FSD79 no longer uses the AIMSweb product. Pearson continues to work with law enforcement on this matter.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Pearson via email at, or Experian at 866-883-3309. Be prepared to provide engagement number DB12466 as proof of eligibility for the identity restoration services by Experian.