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Superintendent Safety and Security Update

August 12, 2022

Dear Fremont Community,

We are eager to welcome our students and staff back to campus next week. Creating a culture of safety is a top priority and requires a strong partnership between home and school. Our schools are an extension of our great community, and we join you in an unwavering commitment to uphold high-quality safety and security standards for our students and staff. Every year, we make revisions and improvements to our safety procedures based on current best practices. These improvements are embedded into our training with our law enforcement partners. We also work with national school safety experts, mental health professionals, and various Lake County agencies dedicated to working with schools.

As we launch a new school year, it is important to share an overview of our efforts with our families. Please visit the “Safety & Security” webpage on our District website to learn more.

Training & Drills

All staff and students receive annual training on our school safety practices and procedures at our four schools. The Lake County Sheriff Office, Mundelein Police Department, and Countryside Fire Protection District lead various drills each fall. Per state requirements, principals proactively communicate intruder drills with students and families.

Security Audits

The District partners with national school security experts to audit and recommend improvements to operations and facilities. Our next audit is scheduled for this September so we can embed the recommendations in our capital improvement planning.  We also conduct regular internal audits, such as daily perimeter checks and two-way radio testing.


The District uses Blackboard as the emergency communication platform. Blackboard is able to call, text, and email emergency contacts with important information. We will run a test of our Blackboard system on September 1 to ensure families and staff have accurate contact information in our database. 

Social and Emotional Health & Well-Being

The social and emotional health and well-being of our students and staff is deeply rooted in our safety and security plans. We recognize that as individuals, we all go through difficult and challenging times in our lives, and we encourage anyone in need of assistance to take advantage of our dedicated staff of social workers and psychologists. Help is always available for those who are struggling.

It is equally important that our students have an adult they can turn to if they are concerned about a loved one or peer. We connect students with needed resources and actively assess concerns and/or threats. In addition to our own internal reporting methods, we are adding the Text-A-Tip service to our list of resources for our middle school students this year. 

Throughout the coming weeks and months, we are committed to regularly keeping our families up-to-date on the topic of school safety and security. Upcoming communications will focus around the District’s Crisis Plan, as well as age-appropriate safety drills.

Creating a culture of safety in our schools and our community is a comprehensive effort. Please reach out to a District staff member or the local authorities if you become aware of something that you find troubling or worrisome. Together, we can make a difference. 




Dr. Trisha Kocanda

Superintendent of Schools