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Ivanhoe Village Updates

December 13, 2022

Dear Fremont Community,

This message is a follow-up to the December 2 letter regarding a new residential and industrial development to be located entirely within our Fremont School District 79 boundaries. In our continuing commitment to keep our community updated on this emerging topic, we wanted to share what we learned at the December 12 Village of Mundelein meeting as it relates to our school community.

At last night’s meeting, the annexation of the 700+ acre land (referred to as Ivanhoe Village) was unanimously approved by the Village of Mundelein. Developers indicated that initial construction on the mixed-use project could begin as early as 2025, and the project ultimately could take up to 25 years until completion. The press release is available here.

I was joined by District 120 Superintendent Dr. Kevin Myers in expressing our desire to be active participants in the development planning as it relates to our schools. We appreciate Mayor Steve Lentz’s recognition of our joint statement. He expressed his commitment to working with our districts and the developer to study the enrollment impact and negotiate a fair and reasonable impact fee schedule. As a District, we recognize the importance of working with the Village and developers early in the decision-making process to ensure that the best interest of our students (current and future) are considered from the start.

The development of Ivanhoe Village invites a wonderful opportunity for innovation and creativity for our school system. We look forward to the project’s progress, and we remain committed to keeping the interests of our students, staff, and greater Fremont community at the center of our work. We will continue to keep our community updated as the project evolves.



Trisha Kocanda
Superintendent of Schools

December 2, 2022

Dear Fremont Community,

We are writing to our Fremont community to make sure you are aware of emerging news regarding a potential new 500+ acre residential and industrial development within our Fremont School District 79 boundaries currently referred to as “Ivanhoe Farms.” While the specifics and the scope of the project are not yet available, we wanted to let you know that the Village of Mundelein has reached out to us in effort to partner in planning. We also want to assure you that we are committed to being active participants in the long-term planning process to ensure the best for our students and staff. It is a wonderful tribute to the Fremont community that our schools are such desirable places for families. 

We will be joining other local leaders at the December 12 Village of Mundelein meeting to learn more about the Ivanhoe Farms development. We know there are many questions regarding the impact on the future of our school district. We are committed to keeping our Fremont community informed and involved as we learn more. We will send another letter after the December 12 Village of Mundelein meeting when there is greater clarity regarding the development’s scope and timeline.  

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy a wonderful weekend.



Dr. Trisha Kocanda 
Superintendent of Schools

Gabriela Whipple
Board of Education President