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Water Testing

It was announced January 16,2017 that Governor Rauner signed Public Act 99-0922 into law, which requires schools to test drinking water for lead contamination. Such sampling must be completed by December 31,2017. In spite of the passage of the lead testing law, Fremont has been testing its drinking water all along.

Unlike most school districts in the Chicago area, Fremont still obtains its water from local on site wells. As such, Fremont has always maintained a very tight inspection regime on the quality of its water, consistently exceeding both EPA standards and the inspection requirements of most neighboring districts. Fremont's water supply is very safe.

When lead contamination in drinking water issues surfaced nationwide several months ago, Fremont proactively contracted an outside agency to test its water supply from all distribution points. In this inspection regime, Fremont found one drinking fountain in the lower level of the Middle School that showed slightly elevated lead levels. Since this test was conducted during the summer, and this drinking fountain of concern wasn't used in over a month, we suspect that the elevated lead level was the result of the lack of water flow through this fountain.

In an abundance of caution, Fremont closed the offending drinking fountain to use, and is working to replace it. It will be tested to ensure that it is operating within EPA limits before returning it to use.