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Musical Notes

The Wildcat music program is in full swing with some of its 15 annual performances underway.

Most recently, sixth graders in the sixth through eighth grade vocal music program at Fremont Middle School performed for preschoolers at the Lincoln Early Learning Center. With it being close to Halloween, the students conducted entertaining musical pieces that tied into the holiday complete with cats, witches, and ghosts.

“It’s so much fun to have our youngest learners exposed to music in a different manner and to see a performance from our older students,” said Carol Bennett, principal of Lincoln.  

More than 185 students participate in the middle schools’ six choirs. Music Teacher Anna Karnick said the program’s mission is for “students to better understand and enjoy music through performance and music literacy.”

To accomplish that mission, Ms. Karnick includes performances that range from formal concerts to solo/ensemble nights to consortiums with the high schools to singing in the community.

“The variety of performances teaches students how wide-spread music is and how it can connect us as a community,” Ms. Karnick said.

In addition, this musical experience helps prepare students for their high school choral classes. “By teaching basic musical elements and the beginnings of sight-singing, we are building a musical foundation in order for them to be successful in their high school music classroom,” she said.