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Stories Come Alive

Author Barb Rosenstock kept students spell bound as she shared her award-winning stories with the young readers at Fremont Elementary School. In one such story, the Noisy Paint Box, she shared how abstract art came about. In telling the story, Ms. Rosenstock helped children visualize one of the toughest assignments they are given in class, that of providing detail to their own stories. Other nonfiction stories include Ben Franklin’s Big Splash, and the Camping Trip that Changed America.

“Having an author visit a school is a great way to promote reading and writing. When students get a chance to meet a published author the author becomes real to the students. Students develop a relationship with the books and are excited to dive into a book,” said Jennifer Parmley, media center teacher. She added, “Students learn that even published authors struggle with the writing process, but they don’t give up. Writing is hard work but when a child has learned some tips and tricks from an author they become eager to give writing a try.”

Thanks to the FSD79 PTO for sponsoring the week long event.