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Code Masters

Just about everything students use today is built on code - Chromebooks, iPhones, gaming stations, and mobile apps.

As part of computer science week, schools across the country were encouraged to engage students in a session of coding. Fremont School District 79 included students who were participants of the national Hour of Code activity.

Coding begins as early as kindergarten at Fremont Elementary School, said Technology Teacher Suzanne Tomaschtik. In kindergarten, students learn about sequencing with a fictitious group known to them as the fuzz Family. First graders go through a series of online puzzles where they develop sequential algorithms to get a bird moving toward a pig without crashing into walls. In second grade students build on that concept by using 'loops' to collect a treasure more efficiently. In the intermediate school, Technology Teacher Karen Erickson challenges students to use block coding skills to make a robotic ball move in different directions.

According to an Hour of Code survey in 2017, students who coded reported a higher interest in computer science and more confidence toward learning computer science.